Qualified Settlement Funds (468B Trusts)

Qualified Settlements

A Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF), also commonly known as a 468B Trust, is an extremely useful settlement tool utilizing time to appropriately deal with cases involving multiple claimants such as mass tort litigation. After a QSF is formed and funded, the defendant makes a payment into the trust account in exchange for being released from all claims of liability. Jay Scarola is an experienced settlement consultant who can work with you to secure your financial future.

Qualified Settlement Funds Benefit Both Sides

On top of releasing liability, the defendant is also eligible to receive an immediate tax deduction for the payment in question. This period gives claimants the necessary time to consult with legal specialists and professionals like Jay Scarola and figure out what their best settlement options are. The additional time garnered through a QSF also enables optimal lien resolution and preparation of necessary documentation, as there aren’t the time pressures of traditional litigation. Claimants that don’t have any outstanding problems will not have to stand by and wait around for their co-claimants’ problems to be dealt with before they receive their settlement distribution.

Jay Scarola Qualified Settlement Fund Services

In his two decades of working with settlements, Jay Scarola has developed close relationships with industry leaders in qualified fund administration. Services Jay Scarola can connect clients to include:

  • Generating client closing statements and offering accounting for the fund
  • Preparing all necessary court orders, motions, and documents to form and administer the fund
  • Live call center assistance
  • Disbursement of all claimant payments, such as directing funding of Special Needs Trusts and/or structured settlements
  • Attorney fee and expense disbursement
  • Managing payment of finalized liens
  • Executing qualified assignments
  • National bankruptcy and probate coordination
  • Printed educational materials for claimants
  • Daily account reconciliation, reporting, and monthly financial accounting
  • Fraud protection/check validity verification
  • 1099 issuance and tax return filings
  • Treasury management and investment of QSF funds
  • Closing of the fund and interest reconciliation
  • Access to local probate and elder law attorneys around the nation

Qualified settlement funds are rapidly becoming the new industry standard for collecting and distributing settlements. QSFs are specifically sanctioned in the Internal Revenue Code Section 468B, Treasury regulations, and are also supported by case law and in practice across the county. As litigation evolves to be ever-more complicated, so has the collection and distribution of settlements after the litigation is over. Jay Scarola can connect you with qualified settlement fund administrators to help establish the QSF, or to manage it after it is formed.

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