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Comprehensive Settlement Planning Services

Jay Scarola offers comprehensive settlement planning for plaintiff attorneys and their clients. Since 2001, Jay has dedicated his time to helping catastrophically injured clients maximize their settlement proceeds with the long-term financial security and stability. Jay offers structured settlement annuities, market based structured settlements, trust services, and more. The most popular settlement option Jay handles is the “structured settlement.” The structured settlement allows a claimant to receive all or a portion of a personal injury, wrongful death, or workers’ compensation settlement in a series of income tax-free periodic payments.

When you choose Jay Scarola to help with your settlements, you are choosing to offer your clients structure, stability, and security. Jay can advise you of your different settlement options and the various ways his team can extend the benefits of financial security to the attorney and the law firm. If explaining different settlement options to your clients seems daunting, don’t worry! Jay Scarola can speak directly with you and your clients to explain everything in an easy-to-understand way.

In addition to helping injured claimants, Jay Scarola offers services such as attorney fee deferral strategies, mass tort settlement resolution, Medicare set-asides, and more!


Let us help you achieve financial security from the proceeds of a settlement.


When you choose a structured settlement, you are choosing a plan for your future. Instead of obtaining your settlement in one lump sum, you will receive it over a structured period of time. It’s this structure that will keep your finances on track and allow you to achieve your goals.


Financial stability is one of the best gifts you can have. A structured settlement will provide the claimant income tax-free payments that are paid periodically. The payments are guaranteed and will be given to the claimant in the agreed upon amount – market volatility will not affect the structured settlement payments.


With a structured settlement, you and your family will feel secure knowing that you are financially sound. A series of payments will make planning for your future easier than receiving a large lump sum. You can design a structured settlement so that it provides money when you need it most, thus providing financial security.

Ways We Help Provide Financial Security:

Structured Settlement Annuities

Attorney Fee Deferral Strategies

Trust Services

Government Benefit Preservation

Market-Based Structured Settlements

Mass Tort Settlement Resolution

Law Firm Financing

Non-Qualified Structured Settlements

Qualified Settlement Funds (468B Trusts)

Lien Resolution

Medicare Set-Asides (MSA)

Structured settlements give you peace of mind.

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