Mass Tort Settlement Resolution

Mass Tort Settlement Resolution

When somebody asserts physical or financial harm to another party, but the action wasn’t criminal in nature, this action is known as a “tort.” A group of torts is known as “mass tort,” which is similar in nature to a class action lawsuit. If your client comprises a group of claimants who share legal and factual commonalities, you may need assistance with handling a mass tort resolution. Jay Scarola is experienced in dealing with mass tort settlement resolution and can connect you with the experts you need for a successful settlement resolution.

Common Kinds Of Mass Tort Cases

Mass torts tend to fall into specific claims categories impacting large groups of people, since mass torts are filed by multiple claimants. Common mass tort cases include:

  • Medical device malpractice
  • Pharmaceutical lawsuits
  • Large-scale catastrophes
  • Product liability

Why Choose Mass Tort Settlement Resolution?

Claimants may have various injuries caused by one source in injury claims. In such cases, claimants can band together to form a mass tort, allowing them to combine pre-trial proceedings like gathering documents and records, taking depositions, etc. After the mass tort is filed, the cases are subsequently split into individual units once more to be resolved for the unique injuries of each individual claimant. One of the key features of mass tort settlement resolution is the choice to share information with other lienholders. Information can be swapped en masse through employing global resolution programs and Lien Resolution Programs (LRP). Moreover, mass tort programs typically boast pre-negotiated caps and discounts, allowing claimants to avoid lien negotiation, resulting in liens being finalized faster than individual, separate cases.

Start Early

Beginning the mass tort settlement resolution process as early on as possible helps ensure that the case is processed speedily with correct results. The initial storm of information potential lienholders need to process can confuse attorneys who are not experienced in handling these kinds of cases. Make sure that you have all of the client’s injury information before going ahead with the case, as most common problems that pop up during this process happen due to improper execution or noncompliance with HIPAA authorization. Luckily, the process can be catalyzed by petitioning the court for a Qualified Protective Order (QPO), eliminating the need for every claimant to sign a HIPAA authorization.

Common Services

If your client is involved in a mass tort, the extra work necessary for a lien resolution may feel overwhelming. Jay Scarola has decades of experience assisting attorneys with mass tort lien resolution. Mass tort settlement resolution services offered include:


  • Choosing whether global modeling lien resolution is right for your mass tort
  • Contacting CMS officials to prepare global medical modeling
  • Forming repayment agreements with CMS to finish the lien resolution process in an efficient way.
  • Drafting CMS-compliant models
  • Working with CMS and the defense counsel to apply the Medicare Mandatory Reporting requirements
  • Negotiating large-scale agreements with different subrogation companies to accelerate the process of lien resolution.

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