Lien Resolution

Lien Resolution Services

The most common reason for a disruption or delay in settlement disbursement is unresolved liens. Moreover, failing to successfully resolve liens may jeopardize settlement funds and cause severe penalties. With years of experience working closely with reputable lien resolution experts, Jay Scarola can help you streamline the process of pinpointing and resolving liens every step of the way.

Common Kinds Of Liens

Medicaid Liens

Medicaid regulations are extremely complicated and vary from state to state. Most of the time, Medicare can and will seek reimbursement from a part of the settlement. Our partners can help injured claimants meet legal requirements and preserve Medicaid benefits by working with local Medicaid offices.

Medicare Liens

Medicare Secondary Payer laws require Medicare to be the first payee of a lawsuit in cases involving Medicare beneficiaries. The beneficiary is responsible for determining whether or not a lien exists, and to report it to Medicare. Jay Scarola can connect claimants with partners who help ensure all of the appropriate legal requirements are met and their Medicare benefits remain safely preserved.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Liens

Claimants who receive veterans’ benefits to cover the cost of dental care, medical care, surgical procedures, or hospitalization may be subject to seizure to repay a lien.

ERISA or Private Healthcare Liens

An ERISA or private healthcare plan may try to take a percentage of the settlement amount (or in certain cases, the whole settlement) to recover the medical benefits it has distributed for the client.

Lien Resolution Services

Jay Scarola can connect you with experienced lien resolution partners to offer expert guidance in:

  • Figuring out if any relevant benefits have been received
  • Pinpointing potential liens
  • Carefully auditing payment summaries
  • Managing correspondence with lienholder
  • Submitting petitions and appeals when necessary
  • Negotiating the waiving or reduction of liens
  • Coordinating administrative and paperwork functions
  • Ensuring compliance with state/federal requirements and policies.

Industry-Leading Mass Tort Lien Resolution Services

In cases that involve hundreds, or even thousands of claimants, lien obligations may be extremely overwhelming for those who handle it. Through his many years of experience in settlement consulting, Jay Scarola has built relationships with trusted partners who are uniquely equipped to handle liens on a large scale and guarantee the same level of attention to efficiency and compliance as expected in single-event cases. Jay Scarola works with innovative leaders in the lien resolution industry to resolve liens efficiently and to the claimants’ best benefit on mass tort cases.

Comprehensive Lien Resolution Services

Jay Scarola offers comprehensive lien resolution and compliance services engineered to meet the individual needs of attorneys and their clients. Jay Scarola offers innovative lien negotiation and identification services to the legal community uniquely tailored to meet the needs of all parties involved. Jay Scarola has the experience and expertise to assist with navigating the Medicaid, Medicare Secondary Payer Act, Military liens, and ERISA/Private Healthcare along with other healthcare subrogation issues.

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